Blogging – The Overlooked Local Marketing Tool

Blogging – The Overlooked Local Marketing Tool

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Blogging – The Overlooked Local Marketing Tool

When most people think about blogging they think of a site focused on topics with a national scope. Locally focused blogs are powerful marketing tools for smart business owners. The power of the blog comes from the focus on the local community, which provides ample opportunities to use the city or town in the blog post headlines.

Blogs are very easy to create using one of the popular sites like Word Press or Blogger and with proper keyword placement the blog posts can easily rank on the first page of the search engines. Make sure your content has value to the audience you are trying to attract and be careful not to overload the posts with too many keywords.  The example below shows a blog post ranking #1 for “Poor Cell Reception Florida” out of 6.6 Million results… and they say blogging isn’t effective.

Always post a variety of content that your audience will find interesting. If you only post information about your business and products & services you will lose the interest of most readers. Look for other local bloggers and offer them guest-posting opportunities on your blog. If Jay Leno were the only person on the Tonight Show it would eventually get boring… Jay is an entertaining guy but the guests on his show are what add the variety that keeps it interesting.

Use pictures on your blog. People are very visual in nature and a blog post with pictures get more interaction and than text only posts.  You can also name the picture files with the keyword to increase optimization for the post.

Always ask for feedback. Engagement is very important with local audiences. Challenge your audience with questions and ask them to leave their answers and comments. This engagement will not only make things more interesting for the readers, it will also make the post more relevant to the search engines and you will be rewarded with better search rankings.


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA is the owner and founder of Dr. Miinala Marketing. The agency provides online marketing support to local businesses.

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