Email Marketing – Why an Automated Email System is Essential

Email Marketing – Why an Automated Email System is Essential

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Email Marketing – Why an Automated Email System is Essential

These days, there are greater time constrictions on businesses which act to limit consistent marketing.  Many of the limitations are due, in part, to fewer staff and tighter budgets.  One of the greatest strategies to oppose this challenge is with the use of automated email systems for your vein clinic.  These routine reminders are great for increasing website traffic and general sales.

Local businesses have seen tremendous results from this line of promotion and have abandoned antiquated and far more time consumptive methods of keeping in touch with clients. Understanding that workforce cutbacks and reduced line item funds for constant contacts are far more the norm than the exception, many companies have even eliminated them altogether.  If you find your company with staff that plays dual roles, you understand the importance of managing time and labor.

The controlled management of your sales process is crucial.  An effective way of administrating this process is through maintenance with preset systems that contact your entire population.  Many of these systems have tracking and progress reporting as a regular function.  You can either go with an experienced company, or hire an IT professional to build an individualized program that best meets your center’s needs.

There is a popular saying that declares, “…if you build it-they will come.”  It might be wise to add that if it is built and never used or disseminated, they will turn and go in another direction.  Do not shoot your business success in the foot by making the mistake of inadequately using the system in which you invested.  Make certain that the email addresses of all your clients are current.  Have it be part of the process when they enter your business for scheduled visits. Check regularly to see which messages are returned and eliminate those addresses.  It is encouraged to send out several reminders or informative messages.  Your clients may not participate or purchase from the first contact, but they may just be ready when the next one arrives.

Build the opportunity for client suggestions and feedback into the message.  Tag a staff member to be responsible for responding to the comments.  These responses should be done in a timely manner.  It could mean the difference between a happy customer and a lost one.

After you have had some time to track and monitor the impact of your businesses automated promotions system, don’t just sit on the information.  Take the time to let it guide and instruct your marketing future.  Did it meet your contact needs?  Did you see an increase to your website visits?  Did you see an increase in visits to your physical location or the sale of a particular product?  These strategies are not only save time and cost; they work to inform your marketing practices and processes.  You will only enhance the good work and for which your center is known.  You will also give your clients the consistent and careful service and information they deserve.

Some of my clients tell me that their customers are different… They say, “they don’t want to hear from me after they buy my product.” Until I share the following story with them…


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA is the owner and founder of Dr. Miinala Marketing. The agency provides online marketing support to local businesses.

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