Gaining Local Market Share: Capitalizing on Local Searches

Gaining Local Market Share: Capitalizing on Local Searches

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Gaining Local Market Share:
Capitalizing on Local Searches

The great news is there are a number of ways that we can put information online for people to find when they’re searching locally. Local Internet marketing is based on helping local business owners put information online where people can find it at the exact time that they’re looking for it. That’s very important and it’s very different than other forms of advertising.

For instance, look at the yellow pages. Stop and ask yourself this question: do you know where your phone book is right now? Probably not… If you’re like 80% of the population, you don’t have a clue where that giant book is. The average age of someone who uses yellow pages is over 70 years of age. This means if a business is in the yellow pages alone, they are missing out on the vast majority of the population.

Remember the Internet uses a technological way of finding the most relevant information about businesses, and nearly everyone uses it. Old school methods just don’t produce enough results to even pay for themselves anymore.

Alternatively local Internet marketing provides a strategy for local businesses to put their information in hundreds of places so that people can find the information at exact time that they need the product or service.

Both in theory and in practice, this has proven to be a much better solution and makes it much easier for the business owner to see the value of their advertising funds rather than just continuing to spend thousands of dollars on ineffective means of marketing.


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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