How to Get Google+ Reviews for Your Business

How to Get Google+ Reviews for Your Business

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How to Get Google+ Reviews for Your Business

A Google+ listing for your business is an integral part of your internet reputation. It will be an invaluable tool for your online marketing plan. One essential factor is reviews.

Customer reviews can make or break you; they are what often provide others with the information to make a decision. You want plenty of positive reviews in order to make the most out of your Google+ listing.

The reviews you receive should be relevant, high quality customer accounts. So how do you handle this aspect of your Google+ listing? Below are some tips that will get you started; these tips will show you how to get reviews as well as respond to them.

Ask for positive reviews. This is simple. If you have satisfied customers, encourage them to visit your Google+ listing and write a review. Explain how easy it is to do and won’t take very long. They will only need to click on the “write a review” button located at the top left corner of your listing and begin typing.

Google+ provides you with a link that is personalized just for your business. You can send it to your email and/or regular postal mail lists for the purpose of directing people to your listing. When doing this, be sure to ask for reviews. You should also include this link on all business correspondence as well as ads and marketing materials. This is another great way to promote your link and request reviews.

Generate a QR code linked to your listing. Place it on everything business related your customers may be likely to see. Include a simple request for them to post a review after visiting your listing. QR codes will take anyone accessing the internet via a smart phone directly to your Google+ listing with a quick scan. This process is easy and effective.

List your business in directories such as: Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo. Business listings, Foursquare, and all other reviews that are submitted to those sites will be automatically linked to and will show up on your Google+ listing.

Responding to reviews is just as important as receiving them. Feedback is very important and can go both ways. Below are more useful tips. Unfortunately, there will always be people who are unhappy with your business no matter what you do. Sometimes these people will be unhappy with any business. Still, you will want to respond in a way that will preserve your reputation. Responding is the way to do this.

Respond promptly. This will show the negative reviewers you are paying attention to what they had to say. Make an attempt through your response to resolve any existing issues. Express your perspective in a way that isn’t insulting or self-justifying.

You will, of course, get plenty of positive reviews. Always be sure to thank your satisfied customers for their support. In the case of your business, tell your patients how much you appreciate their great reviews. You might also offer public referral rewards and coupons to customers through the Google Plus listing forum. This will encourage potential customers to pay you a visit.

There are dozens of local directories available to any Local Business and in order for a listing to show up in the search results it must be consistently optimized similar to Google+ above.  Each directory listing needs to have pictures and videos. The description of the business needs to be written exactly the right way. The features of the business and the categories all need to be listed in such a way that it gets the attention of local searchers. This allows you to show your hours of operation and directions to your location. People can push one button to call the store or get turn-by-turn directions from where they are straight to you front door.

Another powerful part of Local Directories are citations created by people leaving reviews of their experience with your business. Obviously, the higher the ratings and reviews, the more people like it, right? Think about the last thing you bought on Amazon, I’ll bet you looked at the ratings other people had given the book or product. The same thing goes for your local business!


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