Mobile Marketing – One of the Newest Forms of Mass Marketing

Mobile Marketing – One of the Newest Forms of Mass Marketing

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Mobile Marketing – One of the Newest Forms of Mass Marketing

Why is mobile marketing becoming so important? Well, let me ask you a question. Do you have a mobile device within arm’s reach that you can access the Internet with? Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll wait… Of course you do. Right now, within three feet of you, you probably have your cellphone. And that cellphone probably is a Smartphone… And that Smartphone has the ability to get online. You have a way of searching the web from nearly any mobile device.

When someone does a local search on a mobile device they usually make a purchase based on the information they find within 24 hours vs. a week or longer from a search on a computer.  For restaurants it is usually within 60 minutes…

That is what we call a purchase driven consumer!

With mobile marketing there are a couple of ways to market information. The first is by creating a mobile website. If you look at a regular website on your iPhone or android, a lot of times they’re jumbled up. They may look like it does online, but the screen is really small and you have to pinch and squeeze and move stuff around. And it’s hard to navigate.

A mobile site really takes your website, cuts it down to about four or five pages of the most relevant information. That way, when someone goes to that website, they’re able to navigate it very quickly. For instance, if it’s a restaurant, it would have a contact us button, a menu button, a directions button, and maybe a specials button so that they can get to just the information that they’re looking for. For example, for a restaurant website should have a takeout menu, because most people, when they go on their phone looking for food, it’s takeout.
Another way to utilize mobile marketing is with SMS or text messages. With text marketing, you have to first capture the subscriber’s phone number, and then you can then market to them over time utilizing text messaging.

Why is mobile advertising so important? Well here’s the thing: only about 36% of emails get opened compared to over 92% of text messages or mobile messages get looked at within the first minutes of being received. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably looked at your phone while you’ve been reading this report. That’s the power of mobile marketing.


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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