Search Engine Optimization – Ensuring Your Page Ranking

Search Engine Optimization – Ensuring Your Page Ranking

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Search Engine Optimization – Ensuring Your Page Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes a website more desirable to the search engines. The main ways to optimize a website are through creating great content, specific keywords that are searched for on a regular basis, interaction on your website from people visiting and you also want to have other sites pointing to your website (which is called back linking).

When Google or one of the other search engine crawls (looks at) a website and it sees that there are other reputable websites (referred to as authority sites) that have links pointing to your website, they go, “Hey, other sites think this is important, so this site must be important,” and it moves the site up the search rankings. The other important key is to have links out to other high-ranking authority sites like CNN, YouTube, etc. When the search engines see that your site is pointing to some of these other high ranking sites that have great information it helps to move your site up in the rankings.

The other part about SEO is using keywords. What are the words that you want to show up for when people are searching? When it comes to local marketing, it’s not as hard as you may think. You can ask the first 10 people you run into, “if you were looking for a dentist in Atlanta, what would you type in to the search engine?” More than likely if you ask 10 people, those are the top 10 things that people would probably search for.

With local marketing that’s about as complicated as you need to get with keyword research. Now, there are a lot of tools out there that can go very in-depth but I would say you could very easily use the keyword tool that’s available in any search engine to look at how many searches people are actually doing and how strong the competition is.
Previously the majority of website rankings were based on technical attributes. Things like On-page SEO, overuse of keywords (keyword stuffing), backlinks etc. previously helped your websites ranking. Now Content Creation is King. Google is now friendlier to original content than purchased traffic. The search engines use an ever-changing algorithm to determine what shows up on the first page. Today they reward originality of quality content and visitor interaction (time on site) more so than the number or backlinks.


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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