Spreading the Word About Your Business!

Spreading the Word About Your Business!

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Spreading the Word About Your Business!

If you look at traditional advertising like Yellow Pages, the newspaper or TV commercials these platforms all have one thing in common. They are expensive and there is no real way to measure their effectiveness.

Let’s look first at the Yellow Pages… let me ask you a question…

Do you know where your yellow pages book is right now? My hallucination is that you don’t, as a matter of fact you may not even have one in your office. When was the last time you looked in the yellow pages for a business? If you are like me, it was a few years ago.

Even though this is commonplace, many businesses still spend thousands each year on yellow page ads.  Studies show that the average of a person who uses yellow pages is over 70 years of age… So if this is not your target market… then you marketing dollars may be more effective with newer methods.

I look at TV commercials and Newspaper ads as a place where you spend money telling people all about your product or service and hope they either need it at the exact moment they see the advertisement or remember your ad when they do need your service.

Here is a question about the newspaper…Do you get the local paper on a daily basis?

Again, my guess is probably not, and it is a safe guess because 24 of the top 25 newspapers have seen record declines in sales.  I would also venture to guess that if you do place ads in the newspaper you can’t tell me where I should look to find information about your business… that’s because even though ads pay for the lions share of the newspaper’s publishing costs… they get placed where ever there is space left after the articles are all laid out for maximum readership.

When it comes to TV Commercials not only is it almost impossible to measure effectiveness, most people watch recorded shows these days and skip the commercials all together. So what is a business owner to do?


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA


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Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA is the owner and founder of Dr. Miinala Marketing. The agency provides online marketing support to local businesses.

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