Start of a New Era: How the Internet Became Local

Start of a New Era: How the Internet Became Local

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Start of a New Era: How the Internet Became Local

Businesses of all types and scopes are just starting to become aware of what a small percentage of early adopters already know: Internet and mobile device platforms have revolutionized marketing.

Thanks to high-speed wireless networks, mobile devices, communications software, and social platforms, marketing has been transformed into a largely digital discipline for local businesses.

This new media is quickly replacing old school advertising methods such as newspaper ads, printed business directories like the Yellow Pages, direct mail coupons—even radio and TV ads.

Online marketing is also effective whether or not a business currently sells products or services over the Internet. “Brick and mortar” businesses of all kinds are using these new strategies with impressive results.

Local consumers increased usage of the Internet and mobile media is driving businesses to learn how to take advantage of these new platforms so their prospects and customers can find them, hear about them and, ultimately, buy from them.

This is also important because the Internet is now interactive. Consumers are sharing their experiences with local businesses… Both positive and negative!  Not only is it very important for business owners to know to control the message that they’re putting out, but they must also keep track of what people are saying about their business.

Take a look at the statistics: Google has over 3.5 billion searches every day; out of those 3.5 billion searches over 28 billion a month (or in 27% of all searches) are local. What that means is people are actually putting in a geographic identifier in the search bar.

For instance if you’re in Atlanta and you’re looking for a dentist, chances are you don’t just put in “dentist”; chances are you put in “dentist” or “Atlanta dental office.” You type something that identifies where you are geographically.

From there the search engine knows to go find the information that’s most relevant for you. After all, if you have a toothache, you don’t really care about how great the dentist in Seattle is if you live in Atlanta. The same thing goes for a pizza joint. If you’re looking for pizza, you probably aren’t looking for just pizza in general; you’re looking for it based on where you’re located.

Here’s another amazing statistic: 82% of local searches are followed by an action, a store visit, a call, an email or a purchase. So when people are searching locally, it means they’re ready to take an action and more likely to buy. They are a purchase driven consumer!


Dr. Marjukka Miinala, DBA

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