The Power of Videos

The Power of Videos

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The Power of Videos

Video is one of the most powerful means of putting information online. Why? Well, ask yourself this. What do people do more often, read books or watch television? Obviously, it’s watch television because most people don’t want to read. They’re lazy and they like to be entertained.

If you look at YouTube, what are the videos that have the most views? They’re entertaining, or they’re providing information. They entertain; they’re funny or controversial. Now, the other videos that get a lot of views are videos that provide great information in a way that gets people’s attention. For instance, if you do a search on Google or YouTube to figure out what causes the popping sound when you crack your neck, back or knuckles, you will find a chiropractor answering the question, “What’s that popping sound?” It has over 120,000 views.

That’s because people want to know what that popping sound is when the chiropractor adjusts them. Whenever you answer questions that people want know, it increases the video ranking. When you post a video you want to be sure to title it with the information of how people will search for it.
For instance, going back to our “dentist in Atlanta” example, you would want to put “Atlanta Dentist Explains Why Root Canals Hurt.” That way you have the geographic identifier, you have the dentist part, and then you have what the description of the content. You also want to put in keywords and tags so that it gets people’s attention and can possibly show up in the search engines.

The real value of video is having people find it in local searches, and it also provides you with tons of content that you can use to post on social media platforms.

What we’ve discovered is there’s a lot of different ways to make videos. You can use where you simply put pictures in, and it’ll actually add music and create a video for you. You can make videos with using PowerPoint or Keynote, which is like PowerPoint for Mac. The simplest and easiest way to make a video is to use a very small camera and record yourself answering questions that they get asked all time. These are called frequently asked questions. When you post these FAQ videos you will see favorable results, because people are usually looking for answers to these questions online.

Videos are very search engine friendly and can rank on the first page rather quickly with the right titling and tagging. Of course YouTube is the biggest video sharing site and the second largest search engine on the planet so it is very important to have your videos uploaded there, but YouTube is not the only player in town.  It’s also very beneficial to put videos on other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Viddler, Kewego, and more. There’s a ton of them out there. You can simply do a Google search for video sharing sites, and you’ll get an entire list of all the places that you can post videos.


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